LIFE Publications

  • Annual Reports
    • LIFE Annual International Education Report is an international report in which LIFE country representatives summarize current issues, debates, developments in policy and practice in education in their countries/regions. The report is prepared based on data as far as possible. The aim of the report is to share developments and solution approaches regarding education in different countries, to inform other countries and to create opportunities for mutual development and learning.
    • LIFE International Education Report 2021
  • Researches
    • LIFE conducts international educational research in order to understand new developments, innovations and problems in education with a comprehensive, in-depth, interdisciplinary and transnational approach and to analyze them with a scientific perspective. It is essential that scientists from different disciplines and different countries work together in research.
  • Booklets
    • Booklets are application guides on different subjects for formal and non-formal education institutions, institution administrators and educators to implement new developments in the field of education, to facilitate practices to cope with new problems and to establish international standards. Application guides are prepared by teachers, administrators and researchers, it is essential that they are up-to-date and practical.
  • Books
    • Books are basic texts prepared by scientists for the purpose of analyzing current problems in the field of education and creating sustainable policies. The books aim to analyze practices, problems and create new theoretical perspectives on a global basis.