Our Team

Dr Ibrahim Hakan KARATAŞ

We are an independent initiative that has come together as educators, administrators, experts, researchers, volunteers, entrepreneurs from different fields of the education sector from different countries.

The foundations of LIFE were laid during the 1st International School Principals Conference held in Istanbul in 2019. The purpose, principles, working areas, strategies and priorities of LIFE were determined during the 1st International School Principals Initiative Meeting, which was held face to face with participants from 6 different countries (Turkey, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, TRNC) on 28 June 2019. Two years later, in the meeting held online on June 25, 2021, it was decided to implement LIFE as an independent initiative.

LIFE is managed by representatives from 6 countries (Turkey, Qatar, TRNC, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Egypt).

  • Dr. Ibrahim Hakan KARATAŞ

İbrahim Hakan Karataş, after his BA and MA in Turkish language and literature, earned his Ph.D. in 2008 in Educational Leadership. He spent five years writing course books for high school literature and Turkish language as well as elementary level course books. He taught in K-12 schools in Turkey for 12 years and in 2010, he began working as an assistant professor at the Department of Educational Administration and Supervision at Istanbul Medeniyet University in Istanbul, Turkey. Karatas is currently the head of the Educational Administration Department at Istanbul Medeniyet University. He had been in the USA as a visiting scholar for a year of post-doctoral studies on modeling a school principals’ training preparation program for Turkey in Educational Leadership at the University of Northern Iowa. He is one of the founders of Leading School principals Society and LIFE (Leading Innovation for Educators). 

  • Dr. Rania SAWALHI

Rania Sawalhi, holds a PhD degre on Educational Leadership from University of Warwick, currently, Rania is co-founder of Eduenterprise. Rania has won a number of awards such as ICSEI/JPCC 2020 Innovation Award and has a number of research published in peer-reviewed journals. In addition, Rania is a co-founder of Eduenterprise, a non-profit organization registered in USA, and has launched the Educational Leadership Lab applying design thinking approach and launched Rushd educational leadership coaching e-platform. She is a co-founder of WomenEdMENA, and co-coordinator of ICSEI_ELN.

  • Dr. Fatıma SAMADZADE

Fatima Samadzade is a senior lecturer at Foreign Languages teaching (FLT) Department of Azerbaijan University of languages and deputy director of Center for Political Psychology (CPP). She has been working in educational institutions for more than twenty years and has been involved into numerous projects. In previous years; she was a director of Information Resource Complex of AUL and was responsible for such projects as training center for students and teaching staff; digital library; test center(TOEFL,TOMER) etc. Her research focuses on the cognitive approach to discourse analysis. Currently, Fatima Samadzade is involved promoting CPP school for young and talented Azerbaijanian students.

  • Dr. Amal FARHAT

Amal Farhat is an assistant professor at the Lebanese International University, an educational counselor at the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and the educational consultant at Rawafid School. She believes that schools should be transformed into communities of learners. Such communities require purposeful relationships among all the stakeholders where they interact for the fulfilment of a common vision. In addition, she advocates the idea that practices that work with young learners can be adapted for adult learners.Farhat’s research interests pertain to the co-creation of knowledge in K-12 private and public schools. In addition, she has been coaching teachers and teacher coaches on integrating technology in their educational practices.Farhat is a senior fellow at Cambridge Global Fellowship, a member of the International Association for Teachers of English Language and an associate at RITE Education. In addition, she is a MEPLI-Harvard Graduate School of Education Fellow.

  • Gizem ÇAKAL
  • Nazmiye HAZAR

Nazmiye Hazar is a Turkish Cypriot. She was one of the first graduates of Preschool Education Teaching Department of Atatürk Teachers Academy in 2008 and she has been working as a public primary school teacher under the Ministry of National Education and Culture of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus since 2008. In 2019, she completed her master’s degree in Education Management, Supervision, Economics and Planning Department at Near East University. Currently continuing his doctorate studies in the Department of Educational Management, Control, Economics and Planning at Near East University. Hazar conducted academic studies on change management skills of school administrators. Hazar, who published an academic book titled “Current Issues in Education – TRNC” in 2021, continues his academic studies in the field of educational administration. Hazar, who has done a lot of research on education problems and the problems of education administrators in the process of change management in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; she is married and mother of two children.

  • Hilal KARAOĞLAN (The Secretariat)

Hilal Karaoğlan is currently studying in the Foreign Language Education Department of Boğaziçi University. She is interested in Educational Administration and Comparative Education. She is a student representative on the Accreditation Board of the Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs and a student evaluator at the European Students’ Union (ESU) Student Experts Pool on Quality Assurance. She was the volunteer team leader at the International School Administrators Conference 2021 and volunteered at the Tomorrow’s Education Summit and the Future in Education Conference. She is the secretariat of LIFE (Leading Innovation for Educators).