3rd Annual Meeting of LIFE Country Representatives

28th September, 2022, Wednesday

5pm (Istanbul time).

Meeting agenda:

·  Innovation in education (a brief introduction)

·  Welcome new Country Representatives (CR)

· Roundtables (select the team/topic you prefer to work on)

· Group presentations of suggested action plan

· Introducing SLACK and how it will be used by LIFE

Country Representatives – CR

  1. Hani AHMAD, LY
  3. Zanifa OMARY, TZ
  4. Zenub KHAN, UAE
  5. Mona YOUNES, EG
  6. Asima NASEER, PK
  7. Mohammed Abdel AZİZ, LB
  8. Orhun KAPTAN, TR

Do you want to be the representative of your country?

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Who are the CR?

CRs are volunteer as ambassadors by introducing LIFE in the educational communities and to individuals they have connection with. CRs attend yearly meetings, participate in organizing events, suggest ideas for implementation and are involved in assessing, improving and refining practices.

Who are the members?

Members can attend the various LIFE events based on their interests and expertise. They may volunteer in facilitating events. Members get the chance to network with like-minded professionals and collaborate with them to achieve certain tasks.

Who can be CR?

  • Who works in the field of education,
  • Who holds of a master’s or doctorate in education and
  • Who keens to share experiences and adhere to the mission of the LIFE.

Who can participate in LIFE?

  • K-12 principals, vice principals and teachers
  • Administrators and academics of higher education institutions
  • Representatives of educational institutions
  • Representatives of NGO who focus on education
  • Representatives of profit organizations
  • Researchers & trainers
  • Free educators & volunteers

What are the responsibilities of CR?

  • Active participation in the LIFE meetings, which are held once every semester or when called for,
  • Submitting proposals to define the priorities that the LIFE will work on,
  • Marketing the lıfe in their communities and attracting new members,
  • Active participation in events of LIFE such as research, conferences and other activities that are agreed upon.

What are the privileges and rights of CRs and Members?

They can join the LIFE through being appointed directly by the Steering Committee or through direct candidacy and passing a personal interview, noting that the membership period is two years and the member enjoys the following privileges:

  • His/her name will be displayed on the Initiative’s website,
  • Participation in courses and meetings held by the platform,
  • Participation in conducting and publishing research,
  • Certificate of participation at the end of the membership term.

A member has the right to withdraw at any time during the two-year period with the necessity to complete the tasks he is responsible for during his membership period, such as the research in which he participates.

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